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Person-to-person betting exchanges act as the middle man allowing customers to bet against each other. You can back a selection to win, lay it to lose or trade the odds, by backing and laying the same horse at different odds. They also allow you to bet in-running during a race.

BetfairBetfair Betting Exchange

Betfair is the market leader with the highest turnover of bets. They charge commission between 2% and 5% of your net winnings, but that's more than offset by the better odds you receive. The more you bet the less commission you pay.

You bet against other people so you don't have to pay the bookie. This means you win on average 20% more. Register an account and new customers will receive a free £25 Bet.

WBXWBX Betting Exchange

WBX (World Bet Exchange) are committed to providing Members with the world’s best value betting service. Their odds are consistently better than those offered by a traditional bookmaker.

New members win/lose a total of £100 on the Exchange within your first three months of becoming a WBX member and a £25 free bet token will automatically be credited to your WBX account.

BETDAQBETDAQ Betting Exchange

BETDAQ offer betting on horse racing in the UK and South Africa. They also offer bets on Greyhounf racing, Football, Tennis, Golf, Cricket, Boxing, Formula 1 and Rugby.

In addition to their exchange betting, they also offer a 1Bet account, where they provide back only betting in a similar way to traditional bookmakers. They're currently offering up to £200 in free bets and 2.5% initial commission, to new customers.


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