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Aces High

A Hi lo game in which you have to choose whether the next card will be higher or lower than the previous one.

How To Play


Start by selecting your stake, using the red arrows next to the stake box. Next select what card you want to start on. Click on the higher and lower arrows to change the card.

Once you have picked a card, click the start button and you now have three options. You choose whether you think the next card will be higher, lower or the same as the current card displayed on the screen. Each option has a box displaying the payout if you guess correctly.

For example if a number '4' appears, there is more chance the next number will be higher, so therefore the payout is lower. Vice versa for the next number to be lower, the payout would be higher. The odds for the next card to be the same remain constant, as there is the same chance every time.


If you guess correctly you will see you will move a stage along the bottom. There are bonuses along the bottom that you can win when you guess correctly a certain number of times.

If you get up to a bonus it will add, the amount it states, onto your current winnings. For example, if you land on the '10% bonus' with £3 the winnings will be increased to £3.30. You can collect your winnings at any point, by clicking on collect, which will also reset the game.

You can play Aces High online at Bet365.