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Aztecs N'Adders is based on the board game snakes and ladders. In this version you select your stake value and roll the dice 6 times. You want to get the counter as far up the board as possible as that means more winnings.

Just like snakes and ladders, if you land on a ladder you will go up to the area of the board where the ladder points to. If you land on a snake you'll go down to its tail. If you land on a bonus square (gold mask) then you're guaranteed the amount displayed on that square.

At the end of the 6 rolls prizes are given to you dependant on where you are on the board. The higher up you are, the higher the winnings will be.

How To Play

To start with look at the board and click on the 'change board' button a few times to see which board you'd like to play (there are 5 different boards to choose from). Next select your stake using the yellow arrows. Once you're happy with your stake and the board you can either click on the gold dice or click 'auto'. By clicking on the gold dice it will take your first roll. By clicking on 'auto' it will take all 6 goes without you being able to stop it.

During the game you'll have 6 rolls in order to get your counter as far up the board as possible. To win, you must get your counter into one of the pay zones. The pay zones are shown by the coins on certain squares. These pay zones wins are not cumulative.

At the end of the game depending on what pay zone you're in you will win that amount. The winnings are paid into your account balance automatically.

You can play Aztecs N'Adders online at Ladbrokes Arcade Games.

Aztecs N'Adders


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