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Baltimore Drop is a pinball style game where you have to bet money on which pin(s) the ball will hit and/or which hole it will go into. It can played as a free demo version to get used to before then playing for real.

If your ball lands on the pin you've selected you'll win that payout. However if the ball goes into the 'out of bounds' pocket, then for that ball the winnings will not count.

How To Play

Start by looking at the different payouts for each pin/hole. The higher the payout, the less chance there is of the ball landing on it, and the lower the payout, the more chance of the ball landing on it.

Choose how many balls you'd like to bet on. Note if you bet £0.20 and you use 5 balls the total stake will be £1 because you're betting the chip value per ball.

Next choose what value chip you'd like to put on using the arrows next to the chips.

Click on the pin/hole you wish to bet on and look at the small pop up. It tells you how much stake you're putting on, and how much you'll win if the ball lands on it.

You can bet on multiple pins/holes in one go. If you'd like to clear all of the bets you've made then click onto the 'clear' button in the bottom corner. If you'd like to remove the chip you just put down, just click the 'undo' button.

Click 'bet' when you're happy with all your bets and ready to start the game.

The ball will drop down from the top and fall on a pin on each level until it falls into one of the bottom holes. If you've bet correctly you'll win the payout for that pin. If the ball lands on multiple pins that you've bet on your payouts will be added up and displayed in the 'winnings' box in the top corner. Your winnings will be added to your account balance automatically.

If you wish to play again, just add the chips on and click onto 'bet' again. If you'd like to use the exact same bet as you made on the previous go then click onto the 'repeat' button. This will automatically put the chips on the same pins/holes as the previous go.

You can play Baltimore Drop online in the games section of any of the following bookmakers:
Ladbrokes, William Hill, bet365 and Paddy Power.


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