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Based on the classic game of battle ships, in this game you simply put a stake amount you wish to bet and fire 20 missiles to win cash. You win by hitting the ships, each hit of the ship will win you a certain amount and if you sink the whole ship you'll win the amount that the ship was worth.

How To Play

Start by selecting your stake. Use the red arrows to choose how much you wish to bet. Once you're happy with the amount click 'start'.

Once you've clicked on start it will bring up the game board. You can change the arrangement of the ships by clicking on the 'change board' button in the bottom left corner.

To start playing the game you can click on the 'fire' button. This shoots a missile onto the playing board, if you hit part of a ship you'll win a proportion of the boats payout. If you sink a ship you'll win the value for that ship displayed along the top of the screen.

You can use the 'auto' button which fires missiles automatically until there is no more left, this can be turned off at any point.

After you've fired all 20 missiles the game is over. If you've hit any ships, your winnings will be displayed in the middle of the screen and automatically added to your account balance.

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