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A simple game in which you set your stake and are then rewarded depending on how far you get up the 'honey trail'.

The bee faces are spun when you click on go. For each face there is a 50/50 chance of it being a 'happy' face or a 'sad' face. All the 'happy' faces are held and the sad faces are respun. This happens again and again until the faces are all 'happy'

How To Play

Select your stake using the red arrows, then click the big 'go' button. This will start the game.

The faces are spun. The 'happy' faces are held and the 'sad' faces are respun. Each time the sad faces respin you move one place up the honey trail. The first 2 places receive no return, but after that you'll start to win money as you progress up the honey trail.

The game is over when the Bee's are all 'happy'. You can see from the honey trail how much you've won. The winnings are automatically added into your account balance.

You can play Bee Happy online at Ladbrokes games.


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