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Chain reactors is a game where you have to get 5 or more matching faces in a horizontal and/or vertical link block. The game can be played for free as a demo or with real money with a chance of winning real cash.

How To Play

Chain Reactors

In the bottom left hand corner it gives you the opportunity to change your stake. You can use the purple arrows to change the amount at which you want to put on.

Each of the different faces have different payouts. This is because there is more chance of getting a combination of one face than an other. Use the pause button on the left hand side of the screen to pause the menu and look at the payouts.

Once you've selected your stake click 'bet' to start the game.

The faces will fall in a random order. If there's a match of 5 or more you'll win some money. If you match 5 or more the faces will disappear and more faces will fall down giving the chance of winning again. The amount you win depends on the stake you put on, the payout of the face and the number that match. So in this example we have 6 x 'Cyclo' that pays 'x 0.5'. This means that you'll win £0.50 but would have lost your £1 stake.

To play again just click on the 'bet' again.

You can get more than one lot of 5 that match. In the image above there is 5 x 'Spikey' paying £0.10, 6 x 'Sunny' paying £0.40 and another 9 x 'Spikey' paying £0.75. The total winnings of that round would be £1.25. The winnings are then added to your account balance.

Autoplay Stop Autoplay

You can click 'auto play' which will give you the choice to automatically have either 5,10 or 20 goes without having to keep clicking 'bet'. For this you have to set the stake you wish, after you've set it you can't change it. Once you have your first go you can stop the auto play by clicking on the 'stop auto play' button.

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