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Very similar game to Chain Reactors only it uses 100 little faces and you need to link 6 or more of the same face in a vertical and/or horizontal block. The more that link, the more money you'll win.

This can be played as a free demo or for real using your account balance.

How To Play

In the bottom left hand corner there's a section that tells you the payouts for each face and how many that link up.

To start with you have to select your stake, to do this you use the purple arrows. Clicking the up arrow will increase your stake, whilst clicking the down arrow will decrease your stake. Once you've set the amount you wish to put on you start by pressing 'bet'. This starts the game.

The game will randomly shuffle the faces and they'll fall on the screen in a different order. If you have 6 or more matching faces in a block you'll win a set amount for that link up. The faces then dissappear giving the chance of more to link up. In the above image it shows where we had 13 'Spiky' faces that link up and also another block of 6.

The spaces where they were, fill up with the faces from above and more fall with the possibility of more linking up.

The winnings are shown in the top right corner in the blue writing. The amount you win is then added to your account balance. To play again just press 'bet'.

If you wish to put the game on auto play, set the amount you wish to stake each round and click on the auto play button. This will give you the option of 5, 10 or 25 goes without you having to do anything. You can stop this at any moment after the first go by clicking on the 'stop auto play' button.

You can play Chain Reactors 100 online at Blue Sqaure, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power games.


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