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Another version of the popular Chain Reactors game, Christmas Reactors is a game where you have to bet money on symbols matching up. If 5 or more symbols match up in a vertical and/or vertical block you'll win the payout for that particular symbol and however many in the combination there is.

The game can be played either for free or using real money for the chance to win more.

How To Play

To start playing the game, first select your stake using the red arrows in the bottom left corner of the screen. Next you want to look at the payout's. To do this you can either pause the slide show or leave it going automatically. The more symbols you get in a row the higher the payout will be. Also each symbol has a different payout. To start the game click on the 'bet' button.

The symbols will fall automatically in a random order. You'll win if a block of them match either vertically or horizontally. Matching symbols will disappear which will cause more symbols to fall down and give the chance of more matching.

You can win on more than one combination, for example in the image above there is a combination of 5 elves and 7 reindeers. The winnings are displayed in blue writing in the top right corner, these are automatically added in to your account balance.

Christmas Reactors has an autoplay feature which allows you to have either 5, 10 or 20 goes without having to press bet each time. Select your stake how much you wish it to bet on each go. If you wish to stop the autoplay at any time, click the 'stop auto play button'

You can play Christmas Reactors online at Ladbrokes games.


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