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Predict where the darts will land. You can bet on all aspects of the game, including the number of singles, doubles or trebles the darts will land on, the total the 3 darts will add up to and there is a bonus round every time you win a bet in which you can either increase your winnings or lose them.

How To Play

You can make mulitple bets on the 3 darts that are going to be thrown. In the bottom right hand corner is a section where you select your stake. You can bet on the darts combinations, the total score, and where you think the dart will land. To put your bet on just click whatever bet you want to make.

Dartboard: Click on a area on the dartboard that you think the darts will land on. If you highlight the area that you think the dart will land on, the odds are displayed in gold under the 'bet odds' section.

Dart combinations: Bet on the results of all 3 darts for every area of the dartboard. You can select how many times the darts will land on each colour and if it will be a single, double or treble. Just highlight the bet you wish to make and place a chip by clicking it.

Total score: Bet on what you think the total of all 3 darts thrown will be. To do this look at the area of the screen under 'total score'. This has ranges that you can bet on, for example if you think that the 3 dart total will be between '41 and 60' then click on the '41-60' column.

Once you've made all the bets you wish to you can click on either:

Turbo bet - speeds up the dart throwing animation so that you can see the results sooner
Autobet - a way of making the same bet without having to click on the bet button each game
Bet - will trigger the 3 darts to be thrown and the results will be revealed.

You can watch the darts being thrown onto the board.

Bonus Round

If you bet correctly and win (providing you're not playing on autobet) you'll receive a bonus round. This gives you an option to increase your winnings. You don't have to play the bonus game, you can simply collect your winnings.

If you choose to bet, one dart will be thrown at the dartboard with the following 5 possible outcomes:

Lose - Lose all of your winnings
Half - The amount won will be halved
x1 - Winnings will stay the same
x2 - Winnings will be doubled
Bullseye - Winnings will be tripled

You can play the bonus round multiple times but you may lose all of your money. If you want to collect your winnings just click on the red collect button.

You can play Darts online at bet365, Paddy Power and Victor Chandler Games.


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