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If you've seen the game show Deal or No Deal hosted by Noel Edmonds you are bound to enjoy the online game from Ladbrokes Games.

It's very closely based on the TV show, where you make your own deal decisions in a battle of wits against the mysterious banker. You'll have the chance to win real cash or just play for fun.

For a more advanced version of the game, see Deal or No Deal Jackpot Game.

Play Deal or No Deal

If you choose to play Deal or No Deal in demo mode you'll receive a virtual bank of £500. If playing for real, you'll see the balance of your betting account.

You can stake as little as 50p or as much as £1,000 per game. Enter the stake amount you feel happy to risk on the game. This will determine the amounts that appear within each of the 26 boxes. The higher your stake the more you can win.

The smallest amount you win will be 1/50th of the stake amount, while the top amount is 10 times your stake (e.g. £10 stakes gives a top amount of £100, £50 gives £500).

Once you've entered your stake amount and clicked play, you select the box to keep that you hope will contain the top money amount.

You select the remaining boxes to open and reveal their contents. As with the Deal or No Deal game show you want to uncover the lower (blue) amounts and avoid the larger (red) amounts.

After you've opened the first 6 of the remaining boxes, the banker will phone through with his offer.

Deal or No Deal

The size of the offer will depend upon the values that you have uncovered up to that point. You'll see from our example we'd uncovered 5 of the blue boxes and just 1 of the red amounts. The bankers offer came in at £11.78, which would have been a profit of £1.78 on our stake.

At this point you need to chose whether to Deal or No Deal. You could take the profit (Deal) or continue (No Deal) in the hope of an increased amount later on.

In our example we decided to continue with the game and selected "No Deal".

After opening 5 more boxes the banker gave his next offer. Despite uncovering 3 red boxes and 2 blue's the banker increased his offer to £13.33 (£3.33 profit).

Another 5 boxes opened and the top amount has gone. At this point it looks like we should have dealt earlier and the banker's offer has now dropped to £7.54 (a loss of £2.46).

At this point we could have cut our losses or continued in the hope of still getting 1 of the higher amounts.

At this stage 4 more boxes are removed before the banker gives his next offer. We lost the top amount, but also a couple of blues and the lowest of the reds. The banker raised his offer slightly to £7.96 (loss of £2.04), but 4 of the 6 remaining boxes are higher than that amount, so we decided to continue.

4 more boxes revealed and it couldn't have gone any better, with the 4 lowest remaining amounts eliminated. The banker's final offer was £13.50 (profit of £3.50). We were guaranteed a nice profit whatever was in the box.

Our box was opened to reveal £14.00, which had we been playing for real would have produced a nice profit of £4.00.

The game is great fun. If you fancy having a go, see Deal Or No Deal at bet365 Games or Ladbrokes Games.


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