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Ladbrokes have launched a Jackpot version of the online Deal or No Deal game. It's played in a similar way to the regular version, however it includes the addition of side bets on what the banker's next offer will be, plus gives you the chance to play in a special jackpot game.

As with the regular version you have the option to play for real money or in demo mode. You'll need to play for cash to qualify for the Jackpot game.

You can stake as little as 50p or as much as £1,000 per game. Enter the stake amount you feel happy to risk. This will determine the amounts that appear within each of the 26 boxes. The higher your stake the more you can win.

Ladbrokes Deal or No Deal Jackpot Game

The smallest amount you win is 1/50th of the stake amount, while the top amount is 10 times your stake (e.g. £10 stakes gives a top amount of £100, £50 gives £500).

Once you've entered your stake amount and clicked play, you select the box that you hope will contain the top money amount.

Side bets give an interesting twist to the game an allow you to bet on the range amount you think the bankers next offer will fall into. For example you could hedge you bet on the main game by having a side bet on the bankers offer being in the range £0 - £5.99. A winning bet on that range would pay out at 5 times the stake.

You make a side bet by placing the chips on to the range you feel the offer will fall into.

Select boxes to open and reveal their contents. As with the Deal or No Deal game show you want to uncover the lower (blue) amounts and avoid the larger (red) amounts.

After you've opened the first 6 of the remaining boxes, the banker will phone through with his offer. The size of the offer will depend upon the values you have uncovered up to that point. In this example the opening round had been a bit of a disaster, with 6 red boxes taken out, including 2 of the power 5. The banker's offer came in at £4.96, which meant the side bet paid out £25 and ensured a profit on the game.

At this point you need to chose whether to Deal or No Deal. You could cut your losses (Deal) or continue (No Deal) in the hope of an increased amount later on.

After such a bad round it £4.96 seems a pretty good offer, but having landed the side bet we decided to "No Deal".

Before starting the next round of bets you get the chance to place new side bets on the next offer.

After opening 5 more boxes the banker gave his next offer. With 3 more reds and just 2 blues taken out the offer dropped to £4.13. With the £25 win still safely tucked away we continued to "No Deal" to the end of the game.

The Bankers final offer of £6.70 didn't cover the initial stake so we decided to open the box, in the hope of getting the £11 win.

Only £2.40 in the box, but including the earlier £25 win gave total winnings of £27.40 and a profit of £17.40 on the game.

If at the end of the game a special Jackpot Token appears from the box that remains on the table, you will be taken to play the Deal or No Deal Jackpot game. The chance of getting a jackpot token depends on the initial stake. From the table below you'll see the higher the stake the more likely you'll receive a jackpot token.

Stake Chance of entry to
jackpot, approx 1 in:
50p 333
£1 166
£2 83
£3 55
£4 42
£5 33
£10 16.5
£20 8.3
£50 3.3
£100 2
£500 1.2
£1000 1

In the jackpot game you'll again see 26 boxes displayed. 5 of the boxes will contain Jackpot tokens. You have to try and find as many of the 5 tokens as possible, however you only get to open 5 boxes.

If you find all 5 tokens you'll win the Progressive Jackpot prize. Consolation prizes are awarded for finding less than 5 tokens.

The original game was great fun and the Jackpot version adds to the excitement. If you fancy having a go, play the Deal Or No Deal Jackpot Game at either Ladbrokes or bet365 Games.


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