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Roll two dice and guess whether the total will be higher or lower than the current total. This game can be played for fun, or played for real with the chance to win cash.

How To Play

Use the green arrows in the left-hand corner to select your stake and click the 'Submit' button. Then either click on the 'higher' arrow or the 'lower' arrow. If you choose higher, all the numbers higher than the current number will light up yellow on the pay table on the left of the screen.

The payout will be higher if the probability of a certain total being successful is less. For example, if the current total of the dice is '3' the payout for rolling a '2' would be higher because the probability of the score being less than 3 is less likely, than if the current total was higher. You can see the payouts for each total, by looking on the pay table.

If you've guessed correctly your payout will go straight into the cash pot. You can choose either to collect your winning's or leave them in the cash pot and attempt to increase them further. If you do not collect your winnings and your next guess is wrong, you'll lose whatever money you had in the cash pot.

At the start of the game you receive 3 Free Rolls, these can be used at any point in the game to change the current total, without risking money.

When you guess incorrectly the bar at the bottom will flash red, if you wish to play again simply select your stake again and choose higher or lower.

You can play Hi Lo Dice online at Blue Square or Victor Chandler.


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