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Based on the popular channel 4 show, the game involves putting cash on trapdoors. Each round the computer will select a trapdoor which will remain closed. The aim of the game is to put as much money on the door you think computer will select. The final round has just 2 trap doors, but unlike the TV show you'll have a choice on whether to split your remaining cash between the two trap doors or put it all on one.

How to Play

To start playing you need to decide on 3 things: the number of trapdoors, the number of rounds and the stake you wish to put on.

Trap Door: Decide on whether to have 2, 3 or 4 trapdoors. You can select how many trap doors you want by clicking on the left and right arrows above the 'trapdoors' section. By having more trapdoors you have less chance of progressing through rounds. The more trapdoors you have, the higher the current prize total will be.

Rounds: Select how many rounds you wish to play. Use the left and right arrows above the 'rounds' section. The more rounds you play, the more likely you are to lose all your money, however the more rounds you play the more the prize fund increases.

Stake: Choose the amount that you wish to bet by clicking on the left and right arrows above the 'choose stake' section.

Once you've made your selections click on play.

Now it's time to distribute the cash. You can do this in 5 different ways. You can split the cash in 2, 3, 4 or 10 different piles or put the whole amount on one trap. Simply click on the trap you wish to put some money on. If you're splitting the money you can click on the same trap more than once. If you'd like to take off a pile that you've just put on, click on the 'undo' button. If you'd like to take off all of the money click 'clear'.

Once you've finished putting all the money on, the 'drop' button will light up. Click on the button to make all but one of the traps open. If you lose all of your money down the traps, the game is over.

If you progress through to the last round, you will have just 2 traps to put your money on. Unlike the game show, you can split your money in the last round. The only time you will be unable to split on the last round is if you don't have enough 'current prize' to split.

You'll win whatever amount is on the trap that doesn't drop. The winnings will be displayed on screen and automatically added to your account balance.

Whilst playing the normal game, you'll collect golden tickets. Golden tickets are rewarded at the end of some games. Once you collect 5 tickets you will play the 'jackpot game'. This involves using 1 pile of golden cash worth £100,000. This cash can't be split up into separate piles.

There are 8 rounds in total, 4 rounds with 4 traps, 3 round with 3 traps and the final round which has just 2 traps. If you lose your golden cash at any point, the game will end and return to the normal game. If you don't make it all the way to the final round you can still win cash prizes. The more rounds you survive the more cash you'll win.

You can play Million Pound Drop online at Paddy Power Games Arcade.


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