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A game of luck and chance, to win you have to spin the dial and hope it lands in the red zone. The game can be played for fun as a demo, or real for the chance to win cash.

How To Play

You can change the red area by clicking and moving the red arrow around. The bigger the red area the more likely the dial will stop in it, therefore the smaller the payout. if you make the red area smaller, it decreases the chance of the dial stopping in it, so the bigger the payout.

To start, select the stake you wish to put on by using the up and down red arrows. Then position the arrow on the spinner, to choose how much of the red area you wish to play with. When you're ready, click on either of the two spin signs.

If the dial stops in red zone, you win whatever the payout is. Your winnings go into a cash pot which is used as you stake in the next go. You then have the option to collect the money you've won, or use it as your stake for the next go. If you use your cash pot for the next spin and the dial doesn't land in the red, you'll lose all of the money.

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