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Pinball based game where you pay for a certain amount of balls which all have selected values. You then fire the balls for chance to win more balls or cash. You can choose to use the winnings as balls for the next round where the prizes have a higher value.

How To Play

To start the game choose how many balls you wish to buy using the plus and minus buttons. Next select how much value you wish to give each of those balls. You can see how much the total stake will come to. Once you've made your selections, click on the green play button.

During the game if you click on the paytable button, in the bottom left hand corner, it brings up the paytable screen.

It shows the prizes you'll receive when the ball lands on each item. 'x4' means that you'll get 4 times the value of the individual ball.

For the matching symbols your ball has to land on it, and then the symbols will spin and have to match for you to win that payout.

You can check the prizes for other rounds by clicking on the green and orange buttons in the top corners. To get back to the game click back on the 'paytable' button.

To play you can either click on 'auto shoot' where it fires the balls automatically at a chosen rate, or you can click on the green shoot button, clicking on the shoot button closer to the green minus sign will fire the ball weaker. If you click the shoot button close to the red plus sign the ball will be fired with more power.

Once you've used up all of your balls, if you've won a prize it will be shown in the gold winnings box. If you wish to collect your winnings then click on the 'collect' button.

If you want to continue to further rounds you can use the balls collected in the last game (displayed in the gold box) and just click the green 'continue' button.

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