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Instant win game which can be played for free or for real with the chance of winning money. The aim of the game is to match egyption symbols. If you can match the symbols all the way to the top of the pyramid you will win.

How To Play

To start the game simpily use the blue arrows to select how much you wish to stake, then click on the green ok button.

Use the green arrows to choose a symbol you think will appear on the first line. In the top right-hand corner is the payout, this shows how much you will win depending on how many symbols match up.

The bottom row will reveal themselves and you'll be able to see if you have won or not.

If you win, your winnings will go straight into your stake for the next go. You can collect your winnings by clicking on the 'collect' button or you can continue to play on up the pyramid. The higher up the pyramid you get lower your chance of winning as there's 1 less symbol each time you move up a level and therefore less positions for the symbol you chose to appear in.

The higher you get up the pyramid the bigger the payouts become. If you get all the way to the top, there's only one position for your symbol to appear in. if you guess it right you'll win the jackpot, if you guess wrong you'll lose all the money accumulated up to that point.

You can play Pyramid online at Paddy Power, Ladbrokes and Bet365 games.


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