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The idea of the game is to put money on whatever colour or symbol you think the arrow will stop on. If you're correct you win the amount staked multiplied by the odds for that colour or symbol. Spin It can be played either free or with real cash for a chance to win money.

How To Play

The board has different colours and symbols which you can bet on as to where the arrow will land on. You can use the 'shuffle' button in the middle of the circle to change the way the colours are proportioned.

Using the green arrows select how much you wish to put on each colour. There is a choice of £0.20, £0.50, £1, £5, £25, £50, £100 stakes that you can put on. You can add multiple stakes to the same colour or symbol. For example if you click on the green colour twice whilst you have the £0.20 stake set, the total stake for that colour will be £0.40. You can also put bets on more than one colour or symbol. For example you could put a £0.50 bet on green and a £0.20 on blue.

By hovering your cursor over the colour or symbol, it tells you how much you're putting on, what the odds are and how much it will pay out if you win. By increasing your stake, you'll increase the amount you could win. If you wish to clear the bets you have just put on, click on the red clear button with the white cross.

If you bet correctly, you'll win your stake multiplied by the odds shown. For example if you put £0.50 on green at x1.13 odds you'd win £0.56. If you want to put the same bet or bets on again click the 'Re Bet' button and it will automatically place the same bets you had on the previous spin.

You can play Spin It online at bet365 Games or Blue Square Games.


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