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Tipster Proofing

Racing-Index proof the back and lay bet selections of various tipster services. To better illustrate the profits that could have been achieved, following the tipsters, we show performance figures based on Betfair SPs (BSP).

For back to win selections we provide a performance comparison of BSP versus regular SP. For lay bets we just show figures based on BSPs, which will give you a more accurate guide to tipsters past performance.

When following the selections of a tipster you should be looking towards long term profits. We therefore focus on services that have been proofing selections for at least 12 months and have returned a profit during that period. So that you can also monitor services that have shown good potential, over a shorter period, we also show performances over 6, 3 and 1 month.

Take time to look at the tables below and click on either the full list to see how other tipsters have performed or click on an individual tipster link to view a breakdown of their results.

Comparison Tables

Below are comparison tables for the past 12 months, 6 months, 3 months and 1 month performance. To see a complete list of services that proof their selections click on the "Full List" link. When viewing the full list you'll have the option to sort via Profit, POT% or VBP.

12 Months Backing
27th March 2016 to 26th March 2017
ServiceBetsSR%SP ProfitBSP ProfitVBP
Pace Tips1301118.2-1954.5-135.83398
Oddswise Racing63817.766.8141.91591
Bet Alchemist43431.124.973.21473
TS Valueman88228.5-86.212.7668
FRT Premium Tip23936.818.030.7646
2020 Racing281513.6-344.255.0628
SP2A - Place Spotter26424.655.094.8585
TS TJW118125.2-89.497.4507
TS Barry Nicholls63827.1-75.324.0499
Northern Monkey Punter86428.2-63.46.5484
Full List >>
6 Months Backing
27th September 2016 to 26th March 2017
ServiceBetsSR%SP ProfitBSP ProfitVBP
Pace Tips462718.1-693.45.41636
2020 Racing HSR18732.626.542.6988
FRT Premium Tip10542.934.943.8945
FRT Gold36728.62.829.8702
Bet Alchemist17132.218.938.6630
The Racing Edge86717.6-36.588.5547
2020 Racing102714.5-111.817.3474
Horse Exchange Betting Tips14433.39.517.4449
Full List >>
3 Months Backing
27th December 2016 to 26th March 2017
ServiceBetsSR%SP ProfitBSP ProfitVBP
Bet Alchemist9138.542.354.8748
Pace Tips201220.2-247.2-3.0722
Worldwide Tipping Services15933.330.351.3590
FRT Gold16331.913.725.5575
Betting Bias8229.311.921.3489
FRT Lucky1516628.33.111.6425
Oddswise Racing10916.516.430.8399
TS Valueman18931.27.640.0381
Gleith Racing - Pluto79128.3-72.2-27.4345
Horse Exchange Betting Tips8834.15.49.5287
Full List >>
1 Month Backing
27th February 2017 to 26th March 2017
ServiceBetsSR%SP ProfitBSP ProfitVBP
BMI - Racing Accumulator10725.266.691.5947
Gleith Racing - Pluto19835.432.545.0882
2020 Racing13621.334.068.0589
Betting Rant - The Syndicate10034.014.925.2517
Oddswise Racing3327.332.641.1481
The Tip Advisor8742.514.523.1467
TS Valueman4938.821.930.4296
2020 Racing HSR2839.310.613.6279
Each Way Winners6930.47.022.0206 Layer Slayer3704.9-47.090.2195
Full List >>
12 Months Laying
27th March 2016 to 26th March 2017
ServiceBetsSR%BSP ProfitVBP
Wayne Bailey Racing236952.644.52433
2020 Racing 360 Lays197191.819.51303
2020 Racing 240 Lays121391.416.21072
Martins Better Betting Justlays50173.317.8850
Horse Laying Professionals70369.1-14.1-627
Worldwide Tipping Services77674.7-21.2-1296
Lay Bet Winners87574.6-22.0-1654
Lay Tips166978.2-32.0-1794
Horse Exchange Betting Tips366.72.331
Bovis Bets250.0-0.310
Full List >>
6 Months Laying
27th September 2016 to 26th March 2017
ServiceBetsSR%BSP ProfitVBP
Wayne Bailey Racing105652.10.21100
2020 Racing 360 Lays65292.610.8721
SOP Long Nose Racing - Sys 495298.46.9541
Martins Better Betting Justlays26572.53.6234
Newmarket Betting Club3677.82.089
Alliance Racing Consultants4269.0-0.4-18
2020 Racing 240 Lays36591.0-1.1-26
Worldwide Tipping Services34076.5-3.3-99
Gleith Racing - Saturn19464.9-3.0-205
Gleith Racing - Jupiter116879.85.5-347
Full List >>
3 Months Laying
27th December 2016 to 26th March 2017
ServiceBetsSR%BSP ProfitVBP
Pro Select Racing17187.17.5482
Wayne Bailey Racing53050.0-9.5235
2020 Racing 360 Lays24691.53.0193
Horse Laying Professionals10269.62.2157
Newmarket Betting Club3677.82.089
Gleith Racing - Saturn9468.10.155
Martins Better Betting Justlays14371.30.0-3
Simply The Best Horses2755.6-0.7-40
Alliance Racing Consultants4067.5-1.0-52
SOP Long Nose Racing - Sys 434597.4-0.7-59
Full List >>
1 Month Laying
27th February 2017 to 26th March 2017
ServiceBetsSR%BSP ProfitVBP
Worldwide Tipping Services4687.05.8347
Wayne Bailey Racing18452.7-0.1282
Horse Laying Professionals4875.05.4255
Betfair Humanoid2564.05.9222
Lay Tips12282.03.1172
Pro Select Racing2391.32.3153
2020 Racing 240 Lays4192.72.0145
SOP Long Nose Racing - Sys 47098.60.752
Alliance Racing Consultants1471.40.434
Newmarket Betting Club1782.40.218
Full List >>

SR% = Success Rate % (e.g. an each-way bet that returns a profit is classed as a success even if the horse doesn't win the race).
SP Profit = Total profit backing all selections to 1 point level stakes at SP, during the period shown.
BSP Profit = Total profit backing all selections to 1 point level stakes at Betfair SP, taking into account commission of 5%.
VBP = Variable Bet Profits based on Betfair SPs.

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