Glenfarclas Cross Country Chase

The Glenfarclas Cross Country Chase is a national hunt race run on the cross country course at the Cheltenham Festival.

The race is run over a distance of around 3 miles 6 furlongs, jumping a combination of natural and man made obstacles, which include hedges, ditches, banks, water obstacles and timber rails.

The Cross Country Chase was first run in 2005 when the Cheltenham Festival was increased to a 4 day meeting. At that time it was run as a handicap, but was changed to a conditions race in 2016, so now all horses run off the same weight.

Past Results

2023 - 16 ran
1Delta WorkG ElliottK M Donoghue11/10f
2GalvinG ElliottD N Russell11/4
3Franco De PortW P MullinsMr P W Mullins9/2
4Lieutenant RoccoSyd HosieNick Scholfield100/1
2022 - 16 ran
1Delta WorkG ElliottJ W Kennedy5/2f
2Tiger RollG ElliottD N Russell3/1
3Plan Of AttackH De BromheadD J O'Keeffe25/1
4Diesel D'AllierR BandeyHarry Bannister12/1
2021 - 13 ran
1Tiger RollMrs D FosterK M Donoghue9/2
2EasyslandD CottinFelix de Giles1/1f
3Some NeckJ C McConnellR Johnson17/2
2020 - 14 ran
1EasyslandD CottinJ Plouganou3/1
2Tiger RollG ElliottK M Donoghue8/11f
3Out SamG ElliottMr J J Codd33/1
2019 - 15 ran
1Tiger RollG ElliottK M Donoghue5/4f
2Josies OrdersE BolgerM P Walsh15/2
3Urgent De GregaineE ClayeuxFelix de Giles17/2
2018 - 16 ran
1Tiger RollG ElliottK M Donoghue7/1
2Urgent De GregaineE ClayeuxFelix de Giles12/1
3The Last SamuriK C BaileyDavid Bass11/4f
4AuvergnatE BolgerM P Walsh10/1
2017 - 16 ran
1Cause Of CausesG ElliottMr J J Codd4/1
2Bless The WingsG ElliottD N Russell10/1
3CantlowE BolgerA P Heskin9/4f
4AuvergnatE BolgerR M Power8/1
2016 - 16 ran
DsqAny Currency M KeighleyAidan Coleman11/1
1Josies Orders E BolgerMs N Carberry15/8f
2Bless The Wings G ElliottMr J J Codd33/1
3QuantitativeeasingE BolgerM P Walsh9/1
4Third Intention C L TizzardT J O'Brien16/1
2015 - 16 ran
1Rivage D'Or A J MartinD N Russell16/1
2Any Currency M KeighleyAidan Coleman7/1
3Uncle Junior W P MullinsMr P W Mullins20/1
4Dogora W P MullinsMs K Walsh20/1
2014 - 16 ran
1Balthazar King P J HobbsR Johnson4/1
2Any Currency M KeighleyIan Popham10/1
3Big Shu Peter MaherP Carberry3/1f
4Duke Of Lucca P J HobbsT J O'Brien25/1
2013 - 16 ran
1Big Shu Peter MaherB M Cash14/1
2Shakervilz W P MullinsMs K Walsh20/1
3Outlaw Pete J HalleyMr Josh Halley6/1
4Bostons Angel Mrs J HarringtonR M Power9/1
2012 - 16 ran
1Balthazar King P J HobbsR Johnson11/2
2A New Story M HouriganA P Heskin20/1
3Wedger Pardy K C BaileyMiss J Coward33/1
4Sizing Australia H De BromheadA E Lynch5/1
2011 - 15 ran
1Sizing Australia H De BromheadA E Lynch13/2
2Garde Champetre E BolgerMiss N Carberry5/1
3A New Story M HouriganA P Heskin12/1
2010 - 16 ran
1A New Story M HouriganA P Heskin25/1
2L'ami E BolgerMr J T McNamara4/1
3Lacdoudal P J HobbsR Flint28/1
4Another Jewel D P MurphyD J Condon16/1
2009 - 16 ran
1Garde Champetre E BolgerMiss N Carberry7/2
2L'ami E BolgerMr J T McNamara7/4
3Drombeag E BolgerR M Power7/1
4A New Story M HouriganJack Doyle14/1
2008 - 16 ran
1Garde Champetre E BolgerMiss N Carberry4/1
2Native Jack P J RothwellD N Russell40/1
3A New Story M HouriganA J Mcnamara20/1
4Freneys WellE BolgerMr G M Mangan25/1
2007 - 16 ran
1Heads Onthe GroundE BolgerMiss N Carberry5/2
2Silver Birch G ElliottJ M Maguire14/1
3Le Duc P F NichollsS Thomas8/1
4Spot ThedifferenceE BolgerMr J T McNamara6/1
2006 - 16 ran
1Native Jack P J RothwellD N Russell7/2
2Spot ThedifferenceE BolgerMr J T McNamara12/1
3Buailtes And FadasE BolgerMiss N Carberry6/1
4Il de Boitron T O'LearyA J Mcnamara100/1
2005 - 16 ran
1Spot ThedifferenceE BolgerMr J T McNamara4/1
2Luzcadou F MurphyA O'keeffe22/1
3Mrs Be J G CannMiss P Gundry20/1
4Lord Noelie Ms Bridget NichollsJ M Maguire14/1