Randox Grand National Sweepstake 2021

What better way to enjoy the 2021 Aintree Grand National than to have your own office sweepstake on the event.

Once again we'll be producing our Grand National Sweepstake kit. The final list of runners will be declared around 10:30am on Thursday 8th April 2021. As soon as we have them, we'll update the sweepstake kit and upload it to the site.

We're using a traffic light signal to let you know when the 2021 Sweepstake Kit is available to download. The status of the sweepstake kit is shown by the colour of the download box below:

  • Red - When the downoad box is coloured Red it indicates the Sweepstake Kit is not yet in a position to be used.
  • Amber - The Sweepstake kit contains the list of runners as of the 5 day declaration stage. You can use the kit for your sweepstake, but bear in mind it may not contain the final list of runners, as some horses may drop out between then and the final declaration stage. We recommend you wait until the download box turns Green before you use the Sweepstake kit.
  • Green - The final list of runners has been declared and the Sweepstake kit is available for download. Any horses withdrawn before Friday, will be replaced by the reserve horses.

The 2021 Grand National Sweepstake kit will be available from 11:00am on Thursday 8th April

Click Here to download the 2019 Grand National Sweepstake Kit

Simply print out the Grand National Sweepstake, then cut the horse names into individual pieces of paper, fold them and put them into a hat (or other suitable container).

Charge as much as you like per entry (or as much as people are willing to pay). We suggest somewhere in the region of £1 - £5 per entry.

Get people in the office to pay their entry fee and draw a name from the hat at random. Write down who draws which horse on the sheet provided (it saves a lot of argument later).

Make sure you sell all of the horses. If you have some left after everyone has brought a horse see if anyone wants a second or third horse. If you are aware that someone has a gambling problem, do not try to sell them a ticket. 18+. begambleaware.org.

Obviously you're free to split the winnings how you wish, but make sure all the money is paid out in prizes. We suggest you split the winnings as follows:

1st = 60%, 2nd = 25%, 3rd = 10% and 4th = 5%

We Hope You Enjoy The 2021 Grand National.


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