2020 Racing

2020 Racing

Daily back and lay bet selections, where they look for what they consider to be a good price, rather than the most likely winner or loser.

Occasionally they'll advise backing the favourite, or laying an outsider, but their selections cover the entire range of odds, depending upon where they feel the best value is.

They offer 2 lay bet services and 2 back bet services, all of which have been proofed to Racing-Index since 2012.

Lay Bet Services

For lay bets they offer 240 lays and 360 lays. These are named according to the number of points profit they expect to make during a decent year.

240 Lays concentrates purely on flat races, with selections based upon 2 complimentary systems. When the 2 systems throw up the same selection, they advise a double stakes bet. See proofed results for this service at: 2020racing240lays.

360 Lays includes both Flat and National Hunt races, based upon single system. While the expected profit is higher than 240 Lays, the average price of the horses tends to be higher too. See proofed results for this service at: 2020racing360lays.

They offer individual subscriptions for each of the lay bet services, a combined package, or as part of their full back and lay bets service.

Back Bet Services

For back bets, they offer either their main backing service or High Strike Rate (HSR) service. As the name suggests, the HSR service achieves a higer strike rate, based upon shorter odds bets.

See proofed results for their back bets service at: 2020racing and their High Strike Rate service at: 2020racinghsr.

Their back bets can be subscribed to individually on a monthly basis or as part of their full service. Their full service is available via either monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual subscriptions.

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