Automate trading strategies on Betfair, using betting plans, which are attached to one or more races or events. Can be used for horse racing, football, cricket, golf, basket ball and ice hockey markets.

Bets can be placed either before an event starts, in-play or both. Betex will monitor prices and place bets as and when required.

Features include:

  • Attach betplans to events
  • Safety triggers to stop the software at pre-determined Profit or Loss
  • Auto selects selections in events,
  • View results fast
  • Built in betting calculcator
  • Live or simulation modes
  • Specify time to bet
  • Audible alarm sounds
  • Virtual Bank to base % stake calculations on
  • Check other selections price conditions
  • Results export

They offer a free 7 day, fully working, trial version, followed by either Pro or Ultimate version, each based upon annual payment.