BF Scalper

BF Scalper

Betfair trading course explains how to pre-race trade the horse racing betting exchange markets. Over 40 hours of lessons and examples, including more than 14 hours where members show their trading progress and share details of their Betfair profit & loss.

They've trained thousands of members how to trade the pre race odds, some of which have progressed to full-time Betfair traders.

What Is Scalping And How Does It Work

A video on their home page explains how scalping works. For those who are not familiar with what scalping is, they explain it as a concept of skimming small regular profits off all the money that enters the Betfair markets. They get in, they get out, taking small profits before the race starts and move on to the next race.

There is no previuous experience of trading required. The course starts with what they consider basic strategies and then in the advanced section they teach how to scale things up. They teach you what you need to know, what you need to look out for and how to execute the trades.

If you already have some experience of trading, but are not making a profit, they advise you to forget everything you think you know and look at this course as if you were totally new to trading.

Betfair Trading Software

They trade the markets using Bet Angel software, which you'll need a separate subscription for. Bet Angel has a dedicated practice mode, so you can practice the teachings for as long as necessary before you risk any real money trading. There are 2 versions of Bet Angel (Trader and Professional), either version can be used for scalping, but in most of the videos they use the Pro version:

  • Professional - £29.99 per month, £149.99 per year (equiv £12.50 per month)
  • Trader £6 per month, £60 per year (equiv £5 per month)

I'd suggest if you're just starting out, you're probably best going with the trader version on a monthly basis, until you decide trading is right for you. Then if you enjoy it and want to take things to the next level you swith to Professional and take up the annual subscription. Bet Angel offer a 14 day free trial for each version, so you can try both out and see which suits you best.

Learning Timescales

Everyone learns at different speeds, but to get the best out of the course and learn exactly what needs to be learned, they recommend the following timescales:

  • At least 2 weeks to watch the training videos, learn and digest the content
  • At least 4 weeks practising the strategies using Bet Angel's practice mode

Money Back Guarantee

They offer a 100% 60 day satisfaction guarantee and having shared a couple of emails with the owner Stuart and read his life story (which you can download from the BF Scalper website - it's an interesting read) I have every confidence you'll receive a full refund if you're not satisfied with the course.