Biddestone Racing Partnerships

Biddestone Racing Partnerships

Shares in leasehold partnership syndicates in quality bloodstock raised at Biddestone Stud, in Chippenham, Wiltshire.

The lease agreement eliminates the financial risk of a significant reduction in value due to limited ability and poor racecourse performance, or in the event that your horse should suffer a significant or career-ending injury.

They offer payment options, ranging from all up front, to spreading the cost over monthly payments. The cost covers all general training, veterinary fees etc. Partners get the full ownership entitlement by receiving an equal share of any prize money won on the racecourse. Costs associated with racing the horse (including entry fees, jockey fees and transport to the races etc.) are deducted from any prize money won. Any shortfall incurred, if the partnership horse fails to win sufficient prize money, will be met by Biddestone Stud.

Benefits include owners' badges, stud visits, racecourse hospitality, visits to see your horse and access to the partners area of their website.

Syndicate horses are trained by a number of different trainers including: William Knight, Lady Cecil, Malcolm Saunders, James Given, Charlie Longsdon and Jonathan Portman.