Dallas Racing

Dallas Racing

Despite the name, they are a UK based syndicate & partnership company aimed at providing fun and affordable racehorse ownership. There is no capital outlay, members who sign-up pay an all inclusive set monthly fee with no hidden extras.

Syndicate horses are trained by Mick Appleby, an up and coming trainer based at Fox Convert Farm, in Wymeswold, Leicestershire.

Ownership Benefits include the following:

  • All training, vets, gallop and entry fees, transport costs and jockey fee;
  • Owners badges on race days when your horse runs;
  • Use of owners and trainers facilities including the Owners and Trainers Bar;
  • Entry to the owners enclosure to see your horse and to meet with your trainer and jockey;
  • Share of any prize money won;
  • Share of any sale of your selected horse/horses.

As well as owning a share in a racehorse you will also have access to Mark Glassett's (Dallas Racing Managing Director) 30 years of knowledge in horse racing. He keeps his ear to the ground and says he can identify a winner or two with his daily information.