In Fine Form

In Fine Form

Free form ratings for UK and Irish horse races. They provide a rating for each horse in the race, based upon earnings, distance, going and recent runs.

A big thank you to Nicholas Holland, who provided the following more indepth key to the In Fine Form ratings:

  • AvCr: Average earnings per start (EPS) of the trainer, jockey and horse at the course. The ratings are sorted by this figure. Blue is top.
  • AvCl: Average earnings per start (EPS) of the trainer, jockey and horse at this class. Blue is top.
  • LM: Average percentage of recent (Last Month) racing for trainer, jockey and horse. This figure also incorporates trainer/jockey combinations. A blue LM indicates a horse within the top 20% for this race.
  • Cty: Is a percentage figure. The more races used to provide the previous three figures, (AxCr, AvCl, LM) the higher this figure will be.
  • HD and HG: percentage of earnings by the horse at the Distance and on this Going. A figure of 100 indicates the highest earner. A minimum of 10 runs is used for this figure. If this figure is 0, then it is ignored when creating the TOT rating.
  • TOT: This is the average percentage of all the previous figures (% of AvCr, % of AvCl, LM, HD and HG). A blue TOT indicates a horse with a rating of 80%+.

Also a big shout out to Gary Jukes for providing this initial guide to the ratings:

  • AvCr = Average Course Earnings
  • AvCl = Average Class Earnings
  • LM = Last Months Racing
  • Cty = Certainty (based on last 10 runs)
  • HD = Horse Distance. (higher figure, more certain to perform at that distance)
  • HG = Horse Going (similar to HD, but based on the going)
  • TOT = Percentage of all figures
Concentrate on horses rated >= 60 and <= 85.

With LM rating >= 30
And CTY rating >= 80

The higher the HD and HG figure the better.
You want HD to be >= 80
You want HG to be >= 50

Good indicator for first time head-gear as well, as it is highlighted.