My Horse Odds

My Horse Odds

Provide free speed ratings, form guide, stats tables, predictive ratings and trading odds for UK horse racing.

They compile speed ratings for every UK horse race, using their own standard times and taking into account an assessment of the going. Class ratings are also produced for every race using their handicapping techniques.

When assessing the day's races, the horse's past ratings are processed using various weightings for last time out, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th relevant runs, speed/class ratio, distance filters etc. These are then combined with statistics for jockey, trainer and stallion performance, and factors for today's weight, going and draw conditions, to give a final single predictive rating for the race (on a normalised scale of 70-100).

They then convert the predictive ratings into winning probabilities for each horse in today's race. This final win probability then has a margin added for backing, and subtracted for laying, in order to provide value prices to use as their minimums and maximums required to bet.