Old Gold Racing

Old Gold Racing

They aim to deliver a unique ownership experience. Along with shares in a racehorse, their owners receive invitations to events, daily updates, postal packs, racing insights and more.

When members purchase shares they get to choose their postal welcome pack from either:

  • The Old Gold Standard - includes welcome letter, share certificate, owner's handbook, photo of your horse, goodies from their racing partners and a metal owner's badge;
  • The Gift of Gold - includes everything from the old gold standard, plus a framed photo of your horse, all delivered in a gift box

Membership is classed as a syndicate (i.e. co-ownership of a racehorse) however it does share more characteristics with racing clubs than most of its competitors.They provide a stream of quality content including interviews with jockeys, trainers and stablehands, as well as exclusive on and off course events.

Horse ownership is for a specific term. Just before the end of that period syndicate members are asked to renew their membership. The amount charged is less than the original fee, as it does not include the initial cost of the horse. If less than 51% of members choose not to renew by the end of term date, the horse is sent to the sales and the proceeds split up among syndicate members (less any sales fees). In the event that more than 51% choose to renew, but less than 100%, Old Gold Racing agree to find buyers of the outstanding shares at a price of its choosing.

Any prize money, won by the horse, is divided equally among syndicate members, depending on the number of shares they own.