Proofed Tipsters

Proofed Tipsters

Proofing service, where tipsters email them their selections prior to the start of the event. Selections are then entered into their database and results are published via their site.

Performance figures are shown based upon Betfair Starting Price (BSP) and Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) prices.

You can sign up to any of the tipsters who proof their selections to them and receive the tips directly from Proofed Tipsters.

My main concern with a service like this is because they benefit financially from people subscribing to any of the tipsters who proofed to them, they're not truly impartial. Having said that I'm sure if Proofed Tipsters reported inaccurate results for any of the tipsters, their customers receiving the selections would be quick to cry foul. They hold all emails on file, with date and timestamp and they provide a 60 day money back guarantee (handled by Clickbank) so if you sign up, you can check the accuracy yourself, with the safeguard of getting your money back if you're not happy.

Become A Tipster

If you're looking to earn some money from your own racing knowledge, they are always on the lookout for new reliable tipsters. To get listed on their site, you'll first need to prove to them you have what it takes to be a professional tipsters, which can be a lot different from being profitable with your own betting. You will have a behind the scenes trial period, for up to a month, to prove your discipline and commitment. Once you've passed that stage, they'll list you live on their web site, then it's up to you to prove how profitable your selections are to follow.

They pay tipsters a 45% share of the revenue they generate and they then take care of the service, including hosting the secure members area, payment processing, passing selections on to subscribers and customer service.