Lay betting tips, aimed at finding false favourites, for UK and Irish horse racing. They offer basic and premier club services.

  • Basic Club provides 1 tip per day 7 days a week
  • Premier Club provides 4 tips per day 7 days a week

The first 10 days are free for either service.

They advise using their double-down betting strategy inconjunction with their lay bet tips.

The strategy invloves setting a daily target of between 2 - 5% of your betting bank, then keep track of your last bet result (LBR) and the bet result before that (BRBT). Then bet as follows:

  • BRBT/LBR = Won/Won - Half your Bet (but never below your daily target)
  • BRBT/LBR = Won/Lost - Double your last bet
  • BRBT/LBR = Lost/Won - Bet same as last bet
  • BRBT/LBR = Lost/Lost - Double your last bet

They provide a fuller explanation and bet calculator on their web site.