Top Tipsters

Top Tipsters

Part of Sporting Sites Worldwide they offer a platform for tipsters, who don't have their own website. They provide a customisable web page, where for them to provide their tips. Top Tipsters manage all the subscriptions and pay 60% to the tipster.

Punters can register for free to see how each of the tipsters have performed and then subscribe to those that suit, to receive selections either via their web site or via email or text.

Tips are settled at 7:00am each morning, for the previous days racing.

Tipsters can select from 1 of 3 price baands to charge their subscribers. They pay an annual fee for the service and receive 60% of subscriptions to their service. The annual fee is partly to help fund their site, but more importantly it's designed to ensure tipsters that join the site are serious about their service and are not going to stop tipping as soon as results go against them.

All tips need to be entered via their site at least 30 minutes prior to the race, to ensure members have time to get their bets on. They can submit a maximum of 10 tips per day and must make at least 2 tips per calendar month, to remain active.