Winning Online

Winning Online

Service run by Steve Clark, who's aim is to research and develop professional, betting opportunities, many of which revolve around horse racing advisory services.

Steve started work in the mid 90s as the operations director of the well known "The Winning Line" horse racing tipster service. He worked there for a decade, before setting out on his own, with a view to help punters with horse racing betting, sports betting and betting exchange trading.

Steve doesn't advise bets himself, nor does he come up with his own strategies for any of the advisory services, publications or software offered by Winning Online. What he does do is track down specialists in a particular sport or betting niche and get them to supply him with selections, which he in turn shares with subscribers to the various services he sets up.

His number 1 rule is, he always makes sure the experts he recruits to supply bets for advisory services, or partner with to develop software or publications, are of the "Highest Quality".

For instance one subject he's looking into is Machine Learning and developing an algorithm to predict winning horse racing selections. Take a look at his Dinosaur Report to find out more about it.

For those of you interested in Greyhound Racing, take a look at his Top Dogs service.