Online Poker Game Options

OK you've decided to play Texas Hold'em Poker, but what type of table do you want to play at?

Free Play Tables

The best way to learn online Poker is at the free play tables. This way you can gain experience without the risk of losing any cash.

The main excitement from Poker comes when you're playing for real, so wants you feel confident about playing online you'll soon want to move to one of the real money tables.

Play Cash Tables

Cash table poker is a fast and a good starting point for playing for real money. You can join and leave a game as you please and play immediately.

Stakes vary from table to table and typically range from as little as 50p/£1 upwards. For example on a 50p/£1 table initial and post flop bets can be raised by multiples of 50p, with bets on the turn and river cards by multiples of £1.

If you are new to online poker, you may find it better to stick to the small stakes tables, while you're improving your skills.

Play Tournament Tables

All players entering a tournament pay the same entry fee. The sum of the fees equals the prize fund which is shared out to the winners.

When the tournament starts, all players are given the same number of tournament chips. Gradually players are eliminated from the game until there is just one winner left.

Tournaments can be single table events, with buy-in's as low as £1 or multi table events with hundreds of players taking part.

William Hill Poker Club offers a good range of both Cash and Tournament tables visit their site and start playing Poker online now.