Queen's Vase

The Queen's Vase is a 3 year old group 3 race run over 2 miles during the Royal Ascot meeting.

The race was first run in 1838 as the Gold Cup Vase, changing to the present name in 1960. The race was open to 3 year olds and upwards between 1840 and 1986. It was downgraded to a Listed race in 1986 but returned to Group 3 status in 1991.

Until 2004 the race was run over a distance of 2 miles 45 yards. In 2005 it was run at York Racecourse over exactly 2 miles and this distance was retained when the race returned to Ascot in 2006.

Past Results

2023 - 14 ran
1GregoryJ & T GosdenL Dettori1/1f
2Saint GeorgeA M BaldingOisin Murphy10/1
3ChesspieceS & E CrisfordJames Doyle11/2
2022 - 12 ran
1Eldar EldarovR VarianDavid Egan5/2f
2ZechariahM MeadeC T Keane20/1
3HafitC ApplebyJames Doyle9/1
2021 - 13 ran
1KemariC ApplebyW Buick15/2
2WordsworthA P O'BrienR L Moore10/3f
3StowellJ & T GosdenL Dettori12/1
2020 - 8 ran
1SantiagoA P O'BrienR L Moore10/3
2Berkshire RoccoA M BaldingOisin Murphy3/1
3Al DabaranC ApplebyW Buick6/1
2019 - 13 ran
1Dashing WilloughbyA M BaldingOisin Murphy6/1
2BarbadosA P O'BrienW M Lordan20/1
3Nayef RoadM JohnstonAndrea Atzeni16/1
2018 - 12 ran
1Kew GardensA P O'BrienR L Moore10/3
2Southern FranceA P O'BrienJ A Heffernan9/2
3NelsonA P O'BrienD O'Brien9/2
2017 - 13 ran
1StradivariusJ H M GosdenAndrea Atzeni11/2
2Count OctaveA M BaldingOisin Murphy8/1
3Secret AdvisorC ApplebyW Buick10/1
2016 - 18 ran
1Sword Fighter A P O'BrienC O'Donoghue33/1
2Harbour Law Mrs L J MonganG Baker8/1
3Twilight Payment J S BolgerK J Manning20/1
4LandofhopeandgloryA P O'BrienR L Moore10/3f
2015 - 13 ran
1Aloft A P O'BrienR L Moore5/2f
2Tommy Docc K DalgleishP Makin33/1
3Future Empire S bin SuroorJames Doyle12/1
2014 - 10 ran
1Hartnell M JohnstonJ Fanning7/2
2Century A P O'BrienJ P O'Brien5/1
3Marzocco J H M GosdenWilliam Buick11/8f
2013 - 15 ran
1Leading Light A P O'BrienJ P O'Brien5/4f
2Feel Like Dancing J H M GosdenR L Moore20/1
3Boite P W Chapple-HyamR Havlin66/1
2012 - 10 ran
1Estimate Sir Michael StouteR L Moore3/1
2Athens A P O'BrienJ P O'Brien11/2
3Ed De GasRae GuestC Catlin8/1
2011 - 11 ran
1Namibian M JohnstonS De Sousa7/2
2Solar SkyH R A CecilT P Queally9/2
3Eternal Heart M JohnstonJ Fanning6/1
2010 - 12 ran
1Mikhail Glinka A P O'BrienJ P Murtagh2/1
2TheologyJ NosedaWilliam Buick18/1
3Total CommandSir Michael StouteR L Moore8/1
2009 - 14 ran
1Holberg M JohnstonJ Fanning7/1
2Yankee DoodleA P O'BrienR L Moore11/2
3MasterySaeed SuroorL Dettori7/1
2008 - 12 ran
1Patkai Sir Michael StouteR L Moore6/4
2Amerigo M A JarvisP Robinson14/1
3GravitationW JarvisA Munro33/1
2007 - 15 ran
1MahlerA P O'BrienM J Kinane7/1
2VeracityM A JarvisP Robinson11/1
3Secret TunePat EdderyR Hughes11/1
2006 - 11 ran
1Soapy DangerM JohnstonK Darley4/1
2Galient M A JarvisP Robinson11/4
3Ermine SeaJ H M GosdenJ Fortune33/1
2005 - 10 ran
1Melrose Avenue M JohnstonK Darley4/1
2Mr Vegas P W Chapple-HyamA Munro11/1
3HelvetioD K WeldP J Smullen11/2
2004 - 10 ran
1Duke of Venice Saeed bin SuroorL Dettori9/2
2Two Miles West A P O'BrienJ P Spencer5/2
3Top Seed M R ChannonT E Durcan11/2
2003 - 12 ran
1Shanty Star M JohnstonK Darley7/2
2SingletonH R A CecilT Quinn10/1
3CruzspielJ M OxxF M Berry14/1
2002 - 14 ran
1Mamool Saeed bin SuroorL Dettori9/1
2Mr Dinos P F I ColeK Darley4/1
3Ancestor J M OxxJ Murtagh7/1
2001 - 16 ran
1And Beyond M JohnstonK Darley11/1
2When In RomeC A CyzerL Dettori14/1
3Aquarius J L DunlopPat Eddery16/1
4Year Two ThousandH R A CecilT Quinn5/2
2000 - 13 ran
1Dalampour Sir Michael StouteK Fallon3/1
2Dutch Harrier K PrendergastS J Craine33/1
3Samsaam J L DunlopR Hills11/2