Tipster Proofing

Racing-Index proof the back and lay bet selections of various tipster services. To better illustrate the profits that could have been achieved, following the tipsters, we show performance figures based on Betfair SPs (BSP).

For back to win selections we provide a performance comparison of BSP versus regular SP. For lay bets we just show figures based on BSPs, which will give you a more accurate guide to tipsters past performance.

When following the selections of a tipster you should be looking towards long term profits. We therefore focus on services that have been proofing selections for at least 12 months and have returned a profit during that period. So that you can also monitor services that have shown good potential, over a shorter period, we also show performances over 6, 3 and 1 month.

Take time to look at the tables below and click on either the full list to see how other tipsters have performed or click on an individual tipster link to view a breakdown of their results.

All aspects of proofing are provided free. In order to keep it that way all we ask is, if you find the information useful, when considering opening an account with any of the bookmakers we have listed, you'll follow our links to open your account.

Comparison Tables

Below are comparison tables for the past 12 months, 6 months, 3 months and 1 month performance. To see a complete list of services that proof their selections click on the "Full List" link. When viewing the full list you'll have the option to sort via Profit, POT% or VBP.

12 Months Backing
26th October 2019 to 25th October 2020
ServiceBetsSR%SP ProfitBSP ProfitVBP
Northern Monkey Punter93529.7-40.933.31517
EBR - Diamonds and Gold85934.7-20.740.11300 Best Bets27120.34.750.3728
SP2A - Place Spotter31425.535.567.2376
Each Way Winners44128.8-40.96.2295
Horse Exchange Betting Tips34122.926.259.9275
Advance Ratings - System 1122032.6-140.8-59.0215
Bet Alchemist36327.0-64.8-37.9169
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6 Months Backing
26th April 2020 to 25th October 2020
ServiceBetsSR%SP ProfitBSP ProfitVBP Layer Slayer39255.2-835.054.11149
Northern Monkey Punter63228.2-47.51.1703
Each Way Winners27329.3-9.720.7687
EBR - Diamonds and Gold31234.94.024.9603 Best Bets13420.113.436.0515
Key Tips64424.4-39.114.1405
Tic Tac Tips11727.41.411.5271
SP2A - Mentions32925.812.938.6262
Horse Exchange Betting Tips13023.154.767.1252
SP2A - Place Spotter15623.1-5.57.625
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3 Months Backing
26th July 2020 to 25th October 2020
ServiceBetsSR%SP ProfitBSP ProfitVBP Layer Slayer24664.7-639.5-61.6649
EBR - Diamonds and Gold22836.44.016.4591
Northern Monkey Punter34728.5-2.832.3551
SP2A - Mentions23324.5-2.221.3532
The Betting Man10135.611.618.4476
Horse Exchange Betting Tips5129.456.663.0399
Advance Ratings - System 131932.9-7.018.6257
Tic Tac Tips5928.85.910.4256 Best Bets8520.06.721.7254
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1 Month Backing
26th September 2020 to 25th October 2020
ServiceBetsSR%SP ProfitBSP ProfitVBP
Pace Tips99516.9-35.573.11092
2020 Racing25619.563.1114.9643
Key Tips14025.09.227.2513
Northern Monkey Punter10030.03.511.4470
Five Star Flutter11825.422.041.4470
SP2A - Mentions8822.727.343.9458
Advance Ratings - System 115334.06.820.4443
Pointing The Way6233.936.380.6288 Best Bets2825.015.027.9234
Cheek Pieces4522.22.28.2165
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12 Months Laying
26th October 2019 to 25th October 2020
ServiceBetsSR%BSP ProfitVBP
Sniper Bets107967.422.01030
2020 Racing 360 Lays110492.312.4862
2020 Racing 240 Lays94191.38.8582
Worldwide Tipping Services32753.20.9447
Lay Bet Winners50286.75.8384
Lay Tips - The Daily Punt20584.93.7282
Precision Tipsters - Silver25888.8-6.0-463
Lay Tips80580.4-22.7-1279
Pace Tips1100.00.04
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6 Months Laying
26th April 2020 to 25th October 2020
ServiceBetsSR%BSP ProfitVBP
2020 Racing 360 Lays74392.712.4806
2020 Racing 240 Lays64591.88.0594
Worldwide Tipping Services19058.95.6314
Lay Bet Winners25987.33.6250
Lay Tips - The Daily Punt9181.3-1.8-106
Sniper Bets67067.5-6.6-315
Precision Tipsters - Silver20989.0-4.9-360
Lay Tips36280.1-11.8-669
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3 Months Laying
26th July 2020 to 25th October 2020
ServiceBetsSR%BSP ProfitVBP
Worldwide Tipping Services9461.715.2637
2020 Racing 360 Lays45092.24.1239
Lay Tips - The Daily Punt7183.10.019
2020 Racing 240 Lays39690.9-1.0-32
Lay Bet Winners14885.8-1.2-67
Starlays Basic Club8976.4-2.8-156
Starlays Premier Club35778.2-5.0-310
Precision Tipsters - Silver13187.0-6.7-469
Precision Tipsters - Bronze28072.9-10.0-504
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1 Month Laying
26th September 2020 to 25th October 2020
ServiceBetsSR%BSP ProfitVBP
Precision Tipsters - Bronze8985.410.6568
2020 Racing 240 Lays11395.65.6384
Racing Profits - Mega Lays2495.83.2211
2020 Racing 360 Lays15692.33.4172
Precision Tipsters - Gold2774.12.081
Worldwide Tipping Services2751.9-1.629
Lay Tips - The Daily Punt2584.00.221
Lay Bet Winners6186.9-0.3-3
Precision Tipsters - Silver2588.0-1.1-64
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SR% = Success Rate % (e.g. an each-way bet that returns a profit is classed as a success even if the horse doesn't win the race).
SP Profit = Total profit backing all selections to 1 point level stakes at SP, during the period shown.
BSP Profit = Total profit backing all selections to 1 point level stakes at Betfair SP, taking into account commission of 5%.
VBP = Variable Bet Profits based on Betfair SPs.