Tipster Proofing

Racing-Index proof the back and lay bet selections of various tipster services. To better illustrate the profits that could have been achieved, following the tipsters, we show performance figures based on Betfair SPs (BSP).

For back to win selections we provide a performance comparison of BSP versus regular SP. For lay bets we just show figures based on BSPs, which will give you a more accurate guide to tipsters past performance.

When following the selections of a tipster you should be looking towards long term profits. We therefore focus on services that have been proofing selections for at least 12 months and have returned a profit during that period. So that you can also monitor services that have shown good potential, over a shorter period, we also show performances over 6, 3 and 1 month.

Take time to look at the tables below and click on either the full list to see how other tipsters have performed or click on an individual tipster link to view a breakdown of their results.

Comparison Tables

Below are comparison tables for the past 12 months, 6 months, 3 months and 1 month performance. To see a complete list of services that proof their selections click on the "Full List" link. When viewing the full list you'll have the option to sort via Profit, POT% or VBP.

12 Months Backing
16th May 2021 to 15th May 2022
ServiceBetsSR%SP ProfitBSP ProfitVBP
Cheek Pieces57528.066.1114.02171
Worldwide Tipping Services130125.8-69.947.1691
Tipalgo - Long Shot of the Day30614.7-2.842.9529 Best Bets45618.030.385.0474
Text Winner53831.4-29.415.9375
A Racing First47628.4-43.3-9.7327
SP2A - Daily Tips46224.7-58.4-2.8260
EBR - Diamonds and Gold26636.8-2.014.0200
SP2A - Mentions101123.9-60.292.2178
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6 Months Backing
16th November 2021 to 15th May 2022
ServiceBetsSR%SP ProfitBSP ProfitVBP
Cheek Pieces23027.840.264.8838
Tipalgo - Long Shot of the Day14715.618.246.6506
Tipalgo - Win Double29130.95.828.8415
Horse Exchange Betting Tips13528.18.717.9391
Investment Betting30450.0-3.511.1367
Worldwide Tipping Services60025.7-48.8-1.9292
SP2A - Daily Tips22826.3-11.722.5249
SP2A - Michael Gould Showcase137122.0-223.3-108.7145
2020 Racing HSR20133.3-9.06.0107
Text Winner25331.6-12.57.9-61
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3 Months Backing
16th February 2022 to 15th May 2022
ServiceBetsSR%SP ProfitBSP ProfitVBP
Racing Nation14630.829.248.9793
SP2A - Michael Gould Showcase80022.1-67.423.6697
Cheek Pieces12929.515.325.6522
Worldwide Tipping Services33126.0-18.83.7485
SP2A - Mentions44724.8-13.637.4396
Investment Betting17950.32.210.0264
Tipalgo - Long Shot of the Day7414.95.520.1235
Horse Exchange Betting Tips7625.07.112.7196
SP2A - Daily Tips13626.5-10.89.473
Place Profits8872.76.46.465
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1 Month Backing
16th April 2022 to 15th May 2022
ServiceBetsSR%SP ProfitBSP ProfitVBP
Tipalgo - Full Racecards222327.1-176.833.51398
Tipalgo - Max Cards427619.6-502.537.0565
Worldwide Tipping Services14833.111.721.6534
Tipalgo - Lucky 6315424.77.329.8503
Tipalgo - Win Double4940.817.321.8474
Racing Nation4837.512.318.2377
Precision Betting8457.15.99.3326
The UK HRE - Hurdles Specialist4528.913.726.6313
Cheek Pieces5728.112.719.6313
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12 Months Laying
16th May 2021 to 15th May 2022
ServiceBetsSR%BSP ProfitVBP
Lay Tips - The Daily Punt29083.413.7812
Worldwide Tipping Services45571.44.5-54
Profit Punter Racing - Lay Club16177.0-4.7-346
2020 Racing 240 Lays182589.8-7.1-532
Precision Tipsters - Bronze117277.2-10.6-677
Precision Tipsters - Silver77787.3-14.1-906
2020 Racing - 2020 Vision153875.5-12.6-917
Stable Lays127465.1-15.8-1035
Lay Tips115878.7-24.8-1382
2020 Racing 360 Lays208589.1-26.5-1753
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6 Months Laying
16th November 2021 to 15th May 2022
ServiceBetsSR%BSP ProfitVBP
2020 Racing 240 Lays87291.415.1982
Lay Tips - The Daily Punt14485.412.1743
2020 Racing - 2020 Vision66472.113.5400
2020 Racing 360 Lays69290.85.2333
Worldwide Tipping Services21667.68.221
Profit Punter Racing - Lay Club4465.9-8.1-482
Precision Tipsters - Silver44386.9-8.0-548
Stable Lays66664.6-8.5-577
Precision Tipsters - Bronze58576.1-14.3-757
Lay Tips56775.0-34.9-2024
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3 Months Laying
16th February 2022 to 15th May 2022
ServiceBetsSR%BSP ProfitVBP
2020 Racing 240 Lays52091.35.1395
Lay Tips - The Daily Punt7384.95.1302
2020 Racing 360 Lays53990.92.9199
Worldwide Tipping Services13664.78.4109
Stable Lays39065.4-2.5-131
2020 Racing - 2020 Vision41365.14.7-140
Profit Punter Racing - Lay Club1968.4-3.3-180
Precision Tipsters - Silver22486.6-5.0-364
Precision Tipsters - Bronze29073.4-16.8-966
Lay Tips28473.9-21.9-1239
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1 Month Laying
16th April 2022 to 15th May 2022
ServiceBetsSR%BSP ProfitVBP
Worldwide Tipping Services4065.09.8256
Lay Tips - The Daily Punt2692.33.9234
2020 Racing 360 Lays36791.32.6157
Precision Tipsters - Silver7190.11.5105
2020 Racing 240 Lays29690.20.9103
2020 Racing - 2020 Vision27962.41.6-127
Precision Tipsters - Bronze10175.2-4.7-253
Stable Lays16163.4-9.0-344
Lay Tips10270.6-11.4-678
Profit Punter Racing - Lay Club475.0-0.2-17
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SR% = Success Rate % (e.g. an each-way bet that returns a profit is classed as a success even if the horse doesn't win the race).
SP Profit = Total profit backing all selections to 1 point level stakes at SP, during the period shown.
BSP Profit = Total profit backing all selections to 1 point level stakes at Betfair SP, taking into account commission of 5%.
VBP = Variable Bet Profits based on Betfair SPs.