How To Proof

As of 1st January 2024 we are no longer accepting new tipping services for proofing.

Tipster proofing is a free service we offer tipsters, to help promote their service and give visitors to Racing-Index a better idea of what to expect if they sign up.

If you run an Internet based tipping service and would like to proof selections to Racing-Index, here's how it works.

All selections must be entered via a password protected area of the site. See Tipster Login.

Each tipster is issued with an ID and Password, which they use to login to the proofing area. For those who provide more than one service from the same site, we can setup a separate ID for each.

To request an ID and password complete the Proofing Request form.

Selections are available online from 9.30pm the day before racing. They are entered via a series of drop down lists. First specify the course:

Next select the time of the race:

and then select the horse:

Then specify the type of bet and enter the recommended stakes. The amount of stake entered will be used when viewing results based upon "Advised Stakes". If you advise to level stakes, default values can be setup for these, to speed up entry.

Specify min and max SP's for the bet to qualify (any selections where the returned SP is outside the range specified, will be omitted from the proofed results tables). Limits can be based upon either SP or BSP (Betfair SP).

Click the Add button to complete the selection.

You can add additional selections, or if you've made a mistake, you can click on the "Remove" link and redo a selection.

When you've entered all the selections click the "Save Data" button. This will submit all the selections to the database.

Up until the scheduled start time of the race you can remove a selections by clicking on the "Delete" link to remove it from the database.

Races are date/time stamped, so it's not possible to add or delete selections after the scheduled start time for the race.

Results are automatically updated each evening. We do our best to ensure accuracy of the results, but it is the responsibility of each tipster to check the results shown are correct.