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Backing performance comparison for period 21st July 2017 to 20th October 2017
ServiceBetsSR%SP ProfitBSP ProfitPOT%VBP
Speedy Equines Exclusive Meet59925.7-7.3772.5612.11308
Peter Raymond Racing31914.444.97101.7431.91013
A Racing First24723.130.6268.2427.6923
Betting Rant - The Racing Code31124.1-4.5629.159.4850
T2W Tips - Lucky 31 Tips37622.3-1.9035.519.4757
T2W Tips - Lucky 15 Tips30220.915.0953.4017.7713
SP2A - The Advisor11535.722.5145.5039.6603
Tic Tac Tips4934.725.3328.1457.4581
Racing Connections - Gameplan21339.9-6.590.540.3522
Stable Winners34817.041.34181.1952.1417
Cheek Pieces13120.629.7748.2736.8410
FRT Gold19329.0-5.8710.015.2332
FRT Lucky1519725.9-9.765.242.7309
Honest Jon - Many Moons29848.72.5937.2312.5214
SOP Long Nose Racing - Sys 33813.224.0037.1397.7208
T2W Tips - Long Shot of the Day7517.3-0.9911.3015.1208
Betting Rant - The Syndicate29627.0-13.8119.616.6202
Horse Exchange Betting Tips10125.710.9029.4829.2190
T2W Tips - Each Way Double15317.0-8.707.314.8167
SP2A The Gravy Train10624.51.7316.4615.5146
The Tipster Guru3033.3-2.801.053.5110
FRT Premium Tip5633.90.793.896.9102
Ram Tips5820.7-3.79-0.09-0.2102
Newmarket Talk1827.84.837.5642.096
SP2A The Phillipa System9128.6-9.28-2.43-2.770
Equine Expert29925.8-19.983.531.244
2020 Racing HSR10827.8-6.400.320.337
Bet To Be Placed1915.8-6.00-2.17-11.431
Racing Oracle.com7213.9-1.4510.0814.016
Bet Alchemist11229.5-6.271.391.213
Horse Racing Tips Online9317.2-10.50-4.42-4.89
Northern Monkey Punter25527.5-32.78-10.34-4.1-8
Quickened Clear6314.3-17.87-13.61-21.6-22
T2W Tips - Lucky 63 Tips45224.8-48.77-21.66-4.8-73
The Jumps Judge8220.7-11.60-6.26-7.6-77
Oddswise Racing12412.9-18.99-9.02-7.3-93
Worldwide Tipping Services16125.5-36.90-29.94-18.6-100
Bet Dispute - Racing30730.6-39.32-19.15-6.2-109 Best Bets8619.8-12.06-5.14-6.0-112
SP2A Valueman5123.5-8.15-5.19-10.2-117
Progressive Punter7424.3-11.98-6.09-8.2-130
SP2A Shuker Racing3622.2-12.30-7.63-21.2-134
SOP Long Nose Racing - Sys 2907.8-41.50-32.72-36.4-159
SP2A - Barry Nicholls11825.4-20.18-12.17-10.3-161
SP2A - Hot 2 Trot8718.4-26.00-18.75-21.6-168
SP2A - Place Spotter15518.7-42.94-10.18-6.6-170
Bovis Bets3933.3-4.21-3.60-9.2-179
SP2A - Work Watcher6820.6-25.40-18.90-27.8-228
SP2A - 2015 Elite Service14613.7-60.10-45.32-31.0-240
FRT Little Earner4520.0-19.36-16.73-37.2-241
T2W Tips - Bet of the Day7439.2-12.13-10.03-13.6-246
2020 Racing54013.1-96.21-10.22-1.9-287
SP2A DC Tipping11827.1-34.51-24.94-21.1-289
Ace Tips28430.6-67.57-34.47-12.1-301
SP2A Michael Gifford16219.1-65.38-48.10-29.7-366
T2W Tips - Win Double15238.8-16.26-9.65-6.3-376
Simply The Best Horses8924.7-29.67-27.87-31.3-384
Tycoon Private8116.0-30.79-27.81-34.3-394
T2W Ratings - Top Tips25129.1-14.630.570.2-406
The Tip Advisor23435.9-34.79-26.21-11.2-424
T2W Tips - Long Shot Singles5908.6-166.37-86.11-14.6-445
Form Ratings Smart Bets20828.8-9.284.432.1-487 Layer Slayer17554.3-545.50-48.87-2.8-547
Dons Daily Tips25433.5-26.15-12.35-4.9-628
T2W Tips - Goliath Tips60234.9-64.18-35.60-5.9-779
T2W Tips - Free Tips70824.0-93.69-40.89-5.8-888
Each Way Winners21922.4-53.12-30.06-13.7-972
T2W Combined Tips111133.0-134.18-80.83-7.3-1493
Pace Tips288818.7-492.00-115.40-4.0-1598
Autobetting 1771413.2-208.57-149.50-20.9-1842
Nearly Out Of Date189821.5-344.16-202.17-10.7-2557
Form Ratings460520.2-772.95-309.18-6.7-4220
T2W Ratings - Daily Ratings578219.9-986.04-395.71-6.8-6439
The following started proofing after 21st July 2017
Infinite Sports Inv - Pro Service43915.5-57.79-10.64-2.4226
Chiron Racing3823.72.044.0010.5189
Live From The Course4540.05.327.6116.9132
Smarttips - Power Punt27622.5-25.02-5.38-1.9-39
Honest Jon - Place Master3557.1-8.18-7.26-20.7-75
Infinite Sports Inv - Mark Your Card1919.9-71.24-56.21-29.4-314
The following have proofed less than 13 selections since 21st July 2017
SOP Long Nose Racing90.0-9.00-9.00-100.0-44

SR% = Success Rate % (e.g. an each-way bet that returns a profit is classed as a success even if the horse doesn't win the race).
SP Profit = Total profit to 1 point level stakes, based on Starting Prices.
BSP Profit = Total profit to 1 point level stakes based on Betfair Starting Prices.
POT% = Profit On Turnover (BSP Profit / Total Staked)
VBP = Variable Bet Profits based on Betfair SPs.

When betting on Betfair you'll need to take into account the commission they charge, between 2 - 5%. Enter a value to see the effect commission has on performance. The figures in the above table assume commission of 5%.

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