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Online Horse Racing Game


If you've ever dreamed of owning a racehorse, but found it all a bit too expensive, virtual horse racing is just what you've been waiting for.

virtual horse racin

Through the power of the Internet the "Sport of Kings" has entered a new era where you can experience the excitement of owning, training and hopefully watching your own virtual horse race to victory.

The two main virtual horse racing sites are Raceclubs and Digiturf. Raceclubs has more of a UK feel, with challenge races such as the Derby, Oaks, Queen Elizabeth and King George classics. While Digiturf adopts a US feel with the Saratoga Sprint, Kentucky Derby, Old Triple Crown Classic and Arlington Gold Cup.

To make things easier we'll just refer to Raceclubs throughout this site. However the game play is essentially the same, as is the prize money, cost of purchasing a horse and tack products, so the majority will also apply to Digiturf.

What Is Virtual Horse Racing

You are in charge of your own virtual horse racing stable. You can own just one virtual race horse, or you could buy hundreds. It depends on how much time you've got to play the game and money to spend.

You design your own racing silks, which the jockey will wear whenever one of your horses race.

Each virtual horse has its own unique pedigree. You use time trials to get your horse fit and, assess its ability. Find out if it prefers racing over longer distances or sprints and whether it prefers running on a dirt track or turf.

There are also a number of products you can apply to your horse to enhance its performance. You can get alumites (racing shoes), blinkers and vitamins to make it run faster and if you have a colt you may find gelding it concentrates its mind on racing.

You nominate your horses to race against horses trained by other owners.

Races are viewed using an enhanced race viewer, which provides excellent graphics of the horses racing.

The racing may be virtual, but the prize money is for real. The top horse on Raceclubs has won over £21,000.

Raceclubs has no vested interest in the outcome of races. The race generator used by their software has been reviewed by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, so you can rest assured race results are legitimate.

Raceclubs has been providing virtual horse racing online for over 10 years and is now in its 56th season of virtual horse racing (each season lasts 4 months).

Promo Code

When you register as a new member on Raceclubs you receive your 1st Virtual Race Horse Free. Use the Promo Code IND17 when you register. Once you've submitted your details you'll receive a welcome email, click on the link within that email to complete your registration and you'll then receive an additional Free Grade 3 Horse plus £8 ($10) Bonus Credits to spend as you wish on the game.

Visit Raceclubs to become a virtual race horse owner and next time it may be your horse celebrating in the winners enclosure.

The jockey celebrates victory
in the Racing-Index colours