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Enter Your Virtual Horse In A Race

You've trained your Raceclubs virtual horse, worked out its preferred distance and going, applied suitable product enhancements and it's fit and raring to go. The only thing left to do now is enter it in a race.

Select "Enter Races" from the "Stable" option on the top menu.

The screen will display a list of your horses, click on "Enter" for the horse you wish to enter in a race.

You'll see details of all the races your horse is eligible for over the next 14 days.

This is just a few of the races our example horse was eligible to enter. As you can see it covers a wide range, including different distances, tracks and quality of races.

If you've worked out your horse is best suited by a particular distance or you're looking to enter it in a particular type of race, you can use filters to limit the number of races displayed.

Race Types - Is the quality of race (Graded, Claiming or Rated) your horse may not be eligible for certain types of race. A full list of race types is available on the Raceclubs web site.

Distance - Covers all distances from 1000m to 3200m. Tick the boxes of all the relevant distances you want to search on.

Going - Either Dirt tracks (Fast or Muddy) or Turf tracks (Firm, Good, Soft or Yielding).

Race Category - Specific category of race (e.g. B Division Juvenile)

EB - Early Bird races (All, Only EB or Non EB)

When you've decided on a race, suitable for your horse, check the relevant "Enter" box. The entry fee will automatically be added to the total. Assuming you only wish to enter one race click the "Select and Add To Basket" link.

At this point your horse is not yet entered for the race, so you'll need to view your basket and click on the "Purchase" button.

You can view your pending races by clicking on the "My Future Races" option on the top menu.

It gives you details of the date and time of the race, the track details and the amount of prize money currently on offer.

At this stage the race is still open to further entries and the stakes will increase as more horses are entered.

When the race has reached its maximum number of runners (14) it will close to new nominations. At this point Raceclubs will start a new instance of the race for other owners to enter their horse's.

If the race doesn't reach the maximum number of runners, it will close to new entries one hour before the race. An exception to this are claiming races, which close early to give other owners a chance to get their claims in.

A minimum of 3 horses need to be entered in order for a race to run. Each stable can race a maximum of four horses in any one race instance and each horse can only run in one race per day.

Once the race has closed for entries you'll be able to see details of the other horses that have entered. So let's go and ...

... Checkout The Opposition In The Race>>