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Free Online Horse Racing Game

If you are new to virtual horse racing it may initially look like there is a lot going on and you may not know where to start.

Raceclubs have made things very simple for the newbie virtual horse racing owner, taking you step-by-step through creating a stable, designing your jockey's silks, getting a free horse, training it and racing it for the first time.

You can play for Free. You choose a Free horse and can race it in Free races for 30 days. This provides a great way for you to learn about virtual horse racing.

We'll show you how easy it is to get started and suggest you click on the Raceclubs link, which will open their site in a separate browser window so you can follow along as we go.

Starting Your Virtual Racing Stable

virtual horse racing

When you click on the Raceclubs link you'll see a screen similar to the image above. By clicking where it says "PLAY" you'll be able to setup your own virtual racing stable, select a virtual race horse, design your own jockey silks, then train and race your horse against other club members.

Choose Your Horse


Your first horse is provided Free, it is a 2 year old male (colt). You can select the colour, choose a name for it and choose a name for your virtual stable. When you later buy a horse from the sales ring, you also get to choose the horse's sex and age. You could land a Grade 1 or Grade 2 horse and run it in a wide variety of races or sell it in auctions or claiming races.

When entering your registration details click where it says "Got a Promo Code?" Then in the Promo Code box enter IND17


Raceclubs will send you a confirmation message via email that contains a link to activate your stable. When you click on the link Raceclubs will provide you with an additional Free horse and credit your account with $10 (£8.00) of Free game credits.

Design Your Racing Silks

Next design your racing silks. As with true life horse racing, each race horse owner has their own unique racing silks. There are a number of different designs to choose from and you can customise them by selecting your choice of colours for the body, arms, cuffs and collar. Your silks are free and will be worn by the jockeys that ride all your virtual race horses.

Step 1 - The first panel of the silk designer presents you with a range of patterns. Scroll left and right to view other available options. Click on your preferred pattern.

Step 2 - Choose a colour from the palette by clicking on it (nothing will change on your silk yet). Once you have selected a colour, click on the section of your silk where you want that colour to fill. Follow this process in colouring the entire silk until you are satisfied with your selection. Click on "Save Silk".

Train Your Horse

On your first day, your horse will be trained up to peak fitness and entered into the next complimentary race for you. Your horse can race in unlimited races per day, entering into one race at a time on any given day. Once the race has been run, you'll be able to enter your horse again on the day.

Training your horse gives you opportunity to:

  • Assess its racing ability over various tracks, distances and goings;
  • assess which products enhance its performance;
  • attain a competitive fitness level

Complimentary Race

Watch your race and all being well at the end of the race you'll see your horse crossing the line in front.


To sign-up to one of the great virtual racing offers visit the Raceclubs web site.