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Checkout The Virtual Opposition In The Race

You've done all you can to prepare your virtual race horse for the race, but one thing you have no control of is how good the other horses are in the race.

While you've been training your horse, other owners will have also been training theirs. The great thing about Raceclubs is that you don't know what horses you'll come up against until the race has closed for entries.

When that happens, details of the race will appear under the heading "Next 100 Future Upcoming Races" on the page when clicking on the "My Races" option on the top menu.

Upcoming Races

At this point you can click on the race name to see details of the other horses entered in the race and view their recent form.

All horses in the race are listed, together with the weight they're set to carry (as this race was a maiden all horses were off the same weight). It shows the number of previous races each horse has run, plus the number of times they have been placed and won. It also shows the number of claiming races they have run and won.

Participating Horse Details

Click on "Race Form" on the top menu for a more in-depth view of each horse's recent races.

For space reasons we've only shown details of the first two horses, but similar details are shown for all horses in the race. You can see which are wearing blinkers blinkered, alumites alumites, which have been gelded gelded and which have vitamins vitamins. You can also see details of each of their last 3 starts.

There are many factors that affect the outcome of the race:

  • The ability of your horse (and that of the opposition)
  • Fitness levels of each of the horses
  • Products that have been applied (e.g. Blinkers, Alumites etc.)
  • Where your horse is drawn
  • Race distance, track surface and going
  • Handicapping (in certain race types)
  • Random factors (like real horses, virtual horses have their good days and bad days)

All nomination fees are placed into the prize money pool (less 15% Raceclubs admin fee).

In the majority of races, prize money is awarded down to 4th place and is shared out as follows:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th
50% 25% 15% 10%

In races where there are only 3 runners prize money is awarded as follows:

1st 2nd 3rd
60% 25% 15%

With all that prize money waiting to be won, you'll want to see how your horse gets on, so on you go to...

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