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The moment's arrived for your Raceclubs virtual race horse to have its first race. A lot of sweat and blood has gone into training it just for this moment. You know as soon as your horse bursts out of the starting gates there's nothing more you can do to help it.

Just before it's time for the race to start, click on the race link under the heading "My Future Races".

Upcoming Races

My Recent Results

If you're not around at the time of the race you can view it later by clicking on the link under the heading "My Race Results".However if you don't already know the result you'll need to be careful as the horse's finishing position is shown on the page detail.

To avoid seeing the result for a race that has already been run it'll be safer to locate it via the "Future Races" option from the Races "menu".

To make the race easier to locate, enter as much information as you can about the race you wish to watch and click the "Filter Button":

Make sure you select the right instance of the race.

Whether you're watching the race live or after the event you'll get to the "Race Details" screen. Click on "View Race" from the top menu.

In addition to the Standard and Enhanced race viewers, the latest Version of the game now includes an embedded viewer. The difference with this viewer to the enhanced one is it requires a smaller initial download (6MB vs 10MB) and loads into your browser window whereas the enhanced loads as a separate application.

The embeded view also includes the following extra features; Time of day lighting changes, enhanced horse animation, enhanced track environments and a modernised user interface.

Select the viewer then get comfy in front of your PC and prepare to shout and cheer your horse on.

If the race hasn't yet been run you'll see a page counting down the time to the start of the race. The race will automatically start when it reaches the off time for the race.

You'll see the horses waiting in the starting gates. Then within seconds they'll be off.

During the race you can use the RaceViewer toolbar to choose from a number of different camera angles and have different levels of detail shown on the screen.

The horses make an even break from the starting gate, captured on the Follow Cam. You can control this camera to follow any horse in the race.

A view from the Jockey Cam as the rest of the horses ride off into the distance. You can change to a view from any jockey in the race.

An aerial view as the horses enter the home straight.

Use the track button to display a plan of the track and show the current position of the runners (see green insert above)

A view from the rear as our horse tries to make his move on the rails.

Use the positions button to display the race positions of each of the horses in the race.

If you don't have any success with your first horse, you'll probably do a lot better buying one via a claimer. We've had good success with horses we've picked up via this route, so why not try and...

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