Amazing Racing

Amazing Racing

Managed racehorse syndicates and partnerships for small groups of like-minded individuals, who share the costs of owning a quality racehorse. Each syndicate has no more than 10 owners per horse, all of whom own their share either as a lease or full equity stake.

They've been involved in running partnerships and syndicates for over 25 years, both privately and for other commercial groups, and have a track record in spotting future winners at the sales, then collaborating with trainers to ensure they are expertly placed to achieve their maximum potential.

They don't charge any management fees, take a cut of the prize money or a cut of your share when the horse is sold and no salaries or profits are deducted by Amazing Racing for the management of Partnerships.

They retain shares in each of the horses and do so because they love racing as much as you do, and want to share the experience.

Horses are trained by Daniel Mark Loughnane at Butterton racing stables near Newcastle Under Lyme.