Arabian Racing Organisation

Arabian Racing Organisation

The Arabian Racing Organisation (ARO) Limited, is the sole Arabian racing authority in the UK, operating with the support and permission of the British Horseracing Authority.

The ARO regulates the sport and works to ensure the ongoing development of Arabian racing within the wider horse racing industry.

Their values are:

  • Integrity - to maintain a safe, competitive environment and promote fair play
  • Welfare - To prioritize the welfare of the industry participants, both human and equine
  • Leadership - to set and monitor standards and create an example for the international community
  • Education - to encourage the next generation to participate in the 'Sport of Kings'
  • Legacy - to balance tradition with progression and sustainability of the sport of Arabian racing

Their site includes latest Arabian Racing news and features, including events calendar and championship tables for Purebred Arabian horses, owners, trainers and jockeys.