BF Bot Manager

BF Bot Manager

Official Betfair API solution that comes with 3 automated bots and a ladder control for manual betting any of Betfair's markets. It offers a complete bot management system that allows you to bet or trade on any Betfair market, like horses win/place, greyhounds, football, tennis, snooker, darts, rugby and more.

There are 2 versions available of Bf Bot Manager

Version 1 : Back/Lay Favourite Bot

This version of the bot will automatically place back or lay bets on favourites for loaded markets. Its markets grid view will load markets data and sort them by start time, after that it will start collecting markets information until markets are closed.

You can set price ranges for back/lay bets, back and lay over-rounds and maximum profit/loss values. The bot also supports lay to liability option, time when to place bets and loss pot recovery.

Version 2 : Back/Lay Multiple Favourites Bot

A more advanced version of the bot that will automatically place back or lay bets on one or more favourites for loaded markets.

You can set price ranges for back/lay bets, back and lay over-rounds, maximum profit/loss values and much more.

The Bot also supports lay to liability option, amount to win, staking plans, time when to place bets, loss pot recovery and many other useful features.

Free Trial

You can request a free 3 day trial for the bots, which run the same as full version, but with a time limited license key. Bf Bot Manager accesses Betfair via their free API, so you will need a funded Betfair account in order to use the bot.

Bf Bot Manager is available on a license basis, for a period of either 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

Horse Races Trader Bot

Main purpose to place few trades (1-3) in running on horse races. It also has Hedge functionality, so it hedges bets if trade is not completed within X seconds or if price changes by X%.

Ladder/Grid Control For Manual Betting

Used for trading horse racing, greyhounds, football, or any other Betfair market. Ideal for trading or placing bets quickly while betting in running on horse races or after a goal is scored for football betting.

Dutching Bot - Auto or Manual

Automatic dutching of markets by pre defined rules, and dutching calculator functionality. Can be used to automatically place back or lay bets on all runners, so that if all bets get matched, you get profit regardless of winner.