Advanced Cymatic Trader software enables fast bet placement and management on Betfair.

They provide a 14 day free trial, to try out the software and then after that they provide monthly, 6 monthly and annual subscriptions.

Features of the software include:

  • Training Mode - an option to practise without risking real money
  • Grid Interface - single click trading
  • Ladder Interface - full depth of market, single click trading
  • Position In Queue (PIQ) - provides a real-time estimated PIQ, arguably the most important and unique feature of their ladder
  • Excel Integration - view real time prices in Excel, trigger bets from Excel and even build your own completely automated trading robot
  • Automated Trading Robot - Betfair bot, watch it trade on the ladder for you
  • Multi-Market - trade several different markets simultaneously
  • Managed Markets (Guardian) - works in the background to gather data from multiple 'managed' markets and maintain offset bets
  • My Markets - a list of markets that you have bookmarked
  • Tick Offset - automatically sends an opposing bet, after you get matched
  • Stop Loss - automatically limits your losses. Trailing Stop Loss can also protect profits.
  • Fill or Kill - automatically cancels a bet if not matched with a specified time frame
  • Greening (Cash-out) - a single click to lock in your profit (or loss) regardless of the outcome
  • Racing Autopilot - it can automatically select each horse race and move forward
  • Betfair Live Video - watch live sporting events in a compact resizeable window.