Group Horse Daily

Group Horse Daily

Specialising in 2 year old horses, including details of 10 dark horses to follow to anyone joining their mailing list. Blog posts on the site provide additional 2 year old information throughout the year.

They provide updates showing how the dark horses have performed during the season. After the conclusion of the flat season they review and reassess their horse trainer profiles, ready to benefit their readers, for the following season. They hold 2 year old horse profiles for around 100 trainers.

They don't seek to gain information from the trainers themselves, but instead they prefer to observe, for the following reasons:

  • Some trainers are poor judges of ability;
  • They have a limited string which makes assessment difficult;
  • The world and his wife know – little value;
  • They do not understand or appreciate the opposition;
  • Some are blatant liars;
  • Why would they tell you?

Along with 2 year old horse information, they also offer advice and tips for anyone looking to start up their own horse racing blog and they have also helped collaborate with a number of blogs and other web sites.