Mark Usher Racing

Mark Usher Racing

Mark has been training horses since 1983 and is now based at Rowdown Stables in Upper Lambourn, which is a modern, purpose built, Yard with 30 Boxes and easy access to the Lambourn Gallops.

Mark's web site includes information about the horses currently in training, indicating which have shares available and any that are for sale. He offers many racehorse ownership options, including: sole ownership, joint ownership, company ownership, partnerships and leasing.

One of Mark's favourite expressions is: 'Let the horse take you to the races', which means the horse is given time to develop and races are chosen carefully to allow the horse to give its best.

He also offers The Mark Usher Racing Club, which provides an opportunity to get involved, for a monthly fee, without having the financial pressure of owning a race horse. Benefits of the club include a free owners badge each time the horse runs, organised days at the yard and a dedicated webpage which will be updated regularly to keep you up-to-date with the horses.

Also included on the site is the latest news from the stable and videos of some of the horses in action.