The Staking Machine

The Staking Machine

Professional sports betting tool that tracks bets, incorporates 41 staking plans and provides results analysis. Available as either desktop download or browser based.

The bet tracker enables you to record all your bets in one place, run multiple selection systems, import and export data and incorporates over 40 win and lay staking plans.

You can analyse your historical bets in detail, which will help optimise your bet stakes, lower your risk exposure and increase your betting profits. They offer two versions of The Staking Machine. The features are the same for both versions, except with the Monte Carlo Simulations feature.

Windows based desktop version (TSM):

  • One time purchase;
  • 1 year of updates included from date of purchase;
  • can be run concurrently on 2 computers.

Browser based (TSMApp):

  • Yearly or 6 months subscription basis;
  • always have access to the latest version;
  • browser based, so can run on PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone;
  • Save data to TSM cloud to access anywhere.

Their web site includes explanations for the various staking plans included within TSM. It also includes Merlin Ratings, which are their free statistic based ratings that use historical data to predict results

Monte Carlo Simulations

Allows you to shuffle your bet data and see what the results are after each shuffle. TSM allows you to run this 100,000 times. The TSMapp is restricted to 50 times and is restricted to only using the first 1000 bets of your data.